Candy World




Candy World is a dream come true for our young visitors. Children from two years old up to eight have their own perfect world at Teda Fun Valley … their own thrills and excitement and their own adventures. And if they just want a quiet play, maybe with mum and dad, we have that too.


Be a helicopter pilot … fly into outer space in a rocket ship … fire a bazooka and ride the Titanic! But for you smaller kids, the soft play area is waiting to give you a wonderful fun time – relax with a teddy, fly a buzzy bee or bounce with friends in the Jumping House.

Candy World gives younger children the chance to try something in their own fun world surrounded by the brightest, most cheerful colours – they can slide, climb, try to find their way out of the maze, tumble in the roller tube and dive into the pool full of balls.


Games and rides feature


Candy House


Get lost in our candy house, but you'll never get bored from all the exciting adventures inside.



Enjoy aiming balls out of this hoover!



Ready! Set! Shoot! Shoot as many balls as you can with our bazooka!



This simple slide is a more fun way to get to where you want to be.

Tube Slide


Enjoy the view down our tube slide!



Shoot some balls with our high-pressure shooter!

Magic Air


Think you can do magic? Balance the ball in the air and amaze your friends with your new magic trick!

Water Basin


Enjoy a relaxing nap on our jiggling water basin or just enjoy the waves!



Go for a ride in our helicopter!

Crazy Fruit


This crazy fruit will be sure to turn you upside down, quite literally!



Want a bear hug? Why not enjoy a relaxing rest on this very comfortable bear?



Take a ride on these bees! We promise they don’t sting!

Crazy Tree


Think you can handle this crazy tree? Get on one of the fruits and hold on for as long as you can!

Jumping House


Jump around the mighty jumping house!

Mini Slide


Slide down our mini slide for short-term entertainment.



Ever ridden a mushroom before? Now you can!



Do you think you can find nemo inside this ride?



Get tangled in an adventure with the octopus tentacles.

Rotating flower


This rotating flower is the perfect place to be if you want to take a breather.



Jump around the piano and make music!



Take a quick trip to space in the space shuttles!

Vantom Shooting


Aim and shoot the targets appointed in front of you! See how many points you can get!

Thailand Slide


Slide down the long journey of this slide!

Roller Star


Let the room spin around you on the roller star.

Red House


Build your house brick by brick!



Take a ride with some of your childhood's favorite characters!



Board onto our version of the Titanic! This one doesn’t sink, but it does contain a lot of fun!

Shooting Gallery


shooting to aim and win your prize


Climb Game


Get ready for the best climbing experience





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