Dinosaur Park




There is nowhere else in Egypt to rival Dinosaur World! Journey with us back to prehistoric times and explore a land that has more than 40 different dinosaurs. Hear them roar … climb onto their backs as they rule over their prehistoric kingdom … you can even watch the dinos lay eggs! These incredible automated dinosaurs cannot be seen anywhere else in Egypt! Dinosaur World is a dynamic Jurassic Park adventure among the vivid colours of beautiful botanical gardens, recreating a realistic ecological environment for these monsters from a long forgotten world.

Take a scary bicycle ride or drive the Crazy Car through Dinosaur World while you spot the different species. And there’s more to enjoy in Dinosaur World – sail a galleon, shoot sharks and ride the carousels.


Games and rides feature



Jumping Star


You know what they say! What goes up must come down. But live the moment as you go up and down our Jumping Star ride! We guarantee that the view from the top is amazing!



Bright colours and a fab fun design make our Coasters such a great way to cruise around Dinosaur World, watching out for the ‘monsters’ and waving to your friends!



Get on the horses and the unicorns in our two storey carousel! The ride is designed to be fun for all ages so hurry and book a place on this journey.

Rolling Dinosaur


Get in one of our jets and enjoy a ride with our rolling dinosaur.

Mini Spin


This one of a kind game will make your head spin with all its different functions.

Shooting Sharks


Beware of the sharks! Do you think you can survive a ride in the sharks' tank?

Minis Tagada


Spin round and round in our mini tagada, but be careful!



Take a ride in our mighty boat for it shall take you on an adventure on the swaying seas!

Jungle Land


Take a treck in the jungle with our different animals.



Take a picture with the Allosaurus!



Take a picture with the Lufengosaurus! Maybe it will bend its head to appear in the selfie.



Take a picture with the Styracosaurus but beware of its roars!

Tyrannosaurus (t-rex)


The mighty T-Rex is awesome for a selfie!



Pause with our amazing Therizinosaurus!



The Megatherium is ready for a picture with you.



Why not take a picture with the Carnotaurus?



Pause inside this Stegosaurus and you can say you've been inside a dinosaur!



Take a picture with the Maiasaura and her kids! But beware of the protective mama!



The Spinosaurus would gladly take a picture with you.



Take a picture with the Lguanodon!



Take a picture with this unusual looking Phorusrhacidae.



Take a picture with Pteranodon before it flies away!



This mighty dinosaur is already pausing for a picture with you.






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