Our Story


Once upon a time, in a small village in China, where all the animals and people were happy, four little friends were together, they weren’t ordinary friends, you see, they were different dinosaurs with exciting super powers. They all did something different to make children happy. We have Candy, who made all the sweets and treats that she knows the children like and Diesel, who takes the children on all the exciting tours with his different cars. We also have Sharky; who made all the fun slides that the children can enjoy in the water and Dino helps with all the fun rides and activities children can play on land along with the dinosaurs. Each dinosaur had a park where all the children can go and enjoy their super power. The parks were the perfect place for all the kids because it always had new, exciting adventures to unravel. The dinosaurs never let a day go by without making the children smile and laugh.


One night, when all the dinosaurs and the children were asleep, a big, bad dragon came and destroyed all the parks the dinosaurs worked very hard on. The dinosaurs were sad and the children cried, but the four friends didn’t give up. They decided to put their powers together and build other parks where the children can go and have lots of fun, away from the evil dragon. They travelled all around the universe in search for the perfect place to build their haven. They visited a lot of wonderful places, but none of them were fit for what they had in mind. At last, after a long, long journey, they arrived at Egypt, they landed next to the pyramids and met the mummies that lived there. The mummies welcomed them and they became friends. The dinosaurs asked the kind mummies for a place to settle and build their children paradise. The mummies led them to a wonderful valley in Sokhna by the Red Sea, where the sun shone bright and proud, the sea danced with the wind and grass stood evergreen. The dinosaurs thought it was the perfect place to start on their journey to make all the kids, of all ages, happy.


The dinosaurs started building four different parks for kids, side by side. Candy built different places where all the children can enjoy her delicious treats. Dino built a big park where children can explore different places and have fun on many interesting rides as well as run around with the friendly dinosaurs. Diesel helped the children enjoy all the car games he has to offer and took them site seeing in many different parts of the world. Sharky took the kids on all the exciting water slides and watched them splash and have fun. The parks were the children’s favorite place, they loved playing with the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs loved making the children happy. They all lived happily ever after.