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Water World has a dream location in the superb grounds of the Teda Swiss Inn Plaza Hotel, which has over 124 rooms and suites to provide the ideal break for families – with rooms specially decorated for the young visitors and guests. Teda Swiss Inn Plaza Hotel is perfect if you want to spend more than a day at Teda Fun Valley, and also has a heated outdoor pool with its own snack bar.

Slides, chutes, water guns and a galleon are all a ‘must’ for thrill-seeking youngsters at Water World, but the ‘star of the show’ is the water slide that towers over the pools at 12 metres high, with different curling, swirling chutes that send the kids plunging into the pools with a mighty splash, sending spray everywhere!


Run and splash through the giant hoops … be the ‘skipper’ of your own galleon as you sail the high seas … shoot water guns in battles with your friends … splash through the pools and slide down the water chutes! The fun and games are suitable for children over seven years old, teenagers and even parents can join in the fun.


Games and rides feature


Water Slide


Enjoy your journey down our water slides, each new twist and turn brings excitement and adventure.

Water Chutes


Can you predict where the water will come out from? We can guarantee you'll be soaked by the end of this adventure!

Water Spray Guns


Have fun spraying your friends and family with our water spray guns. These are what every child hopes for when planning an exciting mission for their summer.

Swimming and Bathing Pool


Escape the summer's hot sun in our swimming pools. Splash around our spaceous pools with your friends and make the best out of the summer.


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